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Fresh and fabulous!

After a short hiatus we're back and better than every.

What's new?

We have fabulous new floors and every single inch of the salon has been cleaned out and organised.

We've also taken this time off the floor to learn new skills and refresh techniques.

Oh, did we mention that we've even improved our signature head massage!

We'll be ensuring you now get extra time at our new 'quiet zone' basins.

Some serious de-stressing and pampering is on the cards. Yes please!

Basin 'Quiet Zone'

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide feedback. We heard you and we acted!

Our chairs and basins have been rotated for easy access and we now have a 'no talking' policy to ensure optimum relaxation and comfort.

And just in case you missed it up top... MORE MASSAGE TIME! Woo hoo!

Afterpay / Budget Adjustment

We know times are tough for so many people right now. To remove the added pressure and to make it easier to maintain your hair and to feel fabulous - we now offer Afterpay.

We also have a tiered pricing structure to suit your needs.  Services fee vary from our fabulous Emerging Stylist, Tia, to a ‘Stylist’ who is newer in the industry with 3-5 years experience, to our 'Senior Stylists' with 8+ years of industry experience.

If your budget has changed, the quality of your haircare doesn't have to. If you were seeing a senior stylist, we can work together with an alternate stylist to help you achieve what you want, within your budget. We can arrange extra consultation time so that you, your previous stylist and your new stylist can discuss a plan for you. Your previous stylist would monitor the whole process. Your comfort and confidentiality is maintained through this process.

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